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Onde-Esta? is your portal to the world of travel. We strive to partner with well-traveled individuals who pay attention to detail. As a result, our content is served by avid travelers who aim to give you the best real-world travel tips and knowledge on the planet.

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Meet Some Onde Está? Travel Experts

Sara Lane

“The experience of visiting a location you have never been to is exhilarating. Everything you see and touch is brand new. There are foods you never tasted. Travel is like being re-born in an adult body and seeing the world for the first time.”

Gavin Conner

“Our goal is to encourage travel as a lifestyle. Sounds crazy, right? How do you earn and save money to take that trip? How do you find the best travel deals? You’re already in the right place!”

Hallie Sutton

“Travel is fun! Nothing ignites conversation like stories of trips to far-flung destinations. I’m glad that my experiences encourage other to drop their inhibitions and travel “

Emil Martinez

“I started traveling when I left college. The 9-5 daily grind didn’t appeal to me like I originally thought. Travel opened a whole new world to me because I needed to earn money and enjoy life at the same time. Now I travel full-time and I’m loving life.”